Coopers Garden project, Little Heath, Hertfordshire

Creating a productive, ornamental back garden and a low-maintenance, visually-appealing front garden.

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Kind of project: Communal side access to terraced cottage.

Design brief: To create a productive, ornamental back garden and add interest to the featureless front garden while minimising maintenance.

Our solution: Our back garden design combined fan-trained and espalier fruits with ornamental climbers and shrub planting. We selected shrubs with fragrant flowers and leaves, along with some evergreen to provide some visual interest during the winter.

The area was covered with landscape matting before it was planted and shingled, creating an attractive, low-maintenance garden that can be enjoyed with little upkeep. We also incorporated the neighbour’s narrow area of garden into the scheme, which allowed us to utilise the house walls and relatively small ground space to maximum effect.


Client verdict: “I never realised what could be achieved in such a small space. It’s brought me and my neighbours great joy. Thanks, Kevin.” Raymond.

The client’s neighbour, Jim, added: “I became really enthused by Kevin’s knowledge and vision and decided to have him transform my own back garden as well.”


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