I’m Kevin Pressland and I design beautiful, functional gardens whether productive, ornamental or biodiverse, and with varying maintenance requirements, depending on a client’s needs and lifestyle.

Whether it’s a low-maintenance, functional space or a garden that makes you enthused and want to participate, I can help create this outdoor space for you.

You can have a wealth of plants in your garden, and keep it low maintenance.

Don’t sell your garden short for fear of being overwhelmed by its maintenance. It need not be like that.

Gardens are assets that have a multiplicity of benefits both for your enjoyment and the wider community. Front gardens are often overlooked but can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

With careful planning, we can create playful, fun, outdoor spaces. And these can boost your garden’s biodiversity, thus increasing the pleasure it can give you and your family.

Please look around my website to find out more about my work.