Fruit trees

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Greengage2Our services include:


  • Pruning
  • Orchard creation
  • Orchard renovation
  • Pruning of trees, cordons, fans, espalier fruit

Further Information

We encourage a diverse range of cultivar use appropriate to your conditions.

We encourage the use of old cultivars and varieties originally bred in local regions, such as those produced by the old rivers nurseries in Hertfordshire.

We do this to:

  • Retain the gene pool.
  • Help you to enjoy the texture, crispness taste and fragrance pending on fruit.
  • To enable a wider fruit-ripening period with careful choice of cultivars or varieties, to extend the availability of fresh fruit over a longer period. A number of pear and, especially, apple varieties have good storage qualities for winter use.

Soft fruit

We provide advice on cultivars of a number of soft fruit varieties that extend the season of fruiting, and includes creating the appropriate conditions for optimum results.



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