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Fruit trees

Our services include:   Pruning Orchard creation Orchard renovation Pruning of trees, cordons, fans, espalier fruit Further Information We encourage a diverse range of cultivar use appropriate to your conditions. We encourage the use of old cultivars and varieties originally bred in local regions, such as those produced by the old rivers nurseries in Hertfordshire.

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Consultancy and advice

garden design consultancy and advice

We provide consultancy and advice on the full range of garden design and biodiversity issues. This includes: Advice on enhancing an existing garden Overall garden designs, for small and large sites Organising and managing surveys Project management Developing and implementing planting plans Plant supply Advice on natural biodiversity habitat – especially for ponds, woodlands, heritage cultivar

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Pleach Screening for Privacy and Aesthetics

Pleaching involves using tree species and training the branches horizontally to create a raised hedge on a frame. We can advise on options, including which species to choose, and can also plant and install the hedge for you. Pleaching is a great boundary option and beats a wall, and has many benefits for you, your

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